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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

Auto Wash 24/7  |  Self Service Jet Wash 24/7  |  Self Service Vacuums 24/7

Why should I choose Total Wash?

Total Wash Auto Wash uses the latest technology from Germany that includes super soft neoprene brushes that do not scratch or mark the surface of your car or dull your clear coat finish. It is safer than hand washing. The powerful Turbo Nozzle technology reaches all areas of the vehicle with ease, including under chassis. Our new Foamtastic foam curtain ensures all areas of your car are completely washed.  
Total Wash Self Service Jet Wash allows you to ‘Wash it your way”. Whether you are washing your car, boat, motorbike or camper van the amount of time you spend and the type of wash and wax functions you choose is entirely up to you. Our new Triple Foam wash adds to the experience of washing your vehicle.

Why should I keep my car clean?

If your car is not washed on a regular basis, dust, sand, dirt and abrasive particles can attach themselves to your paint scratching the finish off your car. Some substances such as bird droppings or tree sap can even eat through your clear coat, leaving your car finish unprotected and vulnerable to wear, tear and rust.

Why is Total Wash better than washing at home?

Several studies show that washing by hand at home can be one of the worst ways to wash your car. Washing at home (depending on what you use and how you care for your equipment) can leave scratches of up to 10% of the total thickness of a vehicles paint. This can occur when brushes move from wheels containing harsh brake dust and compounds directly onto your car's clear coat. Washing at home also contributes run off water to the storm water drain, containing uncontrolled detergents, dirt, oil and brake dust, ending up in our rivers, streams, bays and waterways, polluting our swimming areas and having devastating effects on aquatic life and the environment. At Total Wash, all of our runoff is reclaimed and recycled through our state of the art system.

Will my car get scratched using Total Wash Auto Wash?

NO. With new technology, Super soft neoprene brushes, our foam curtain, advanced chemistry, waxes and computer controls, not only do we not scratch or mark your car, our wash process actually has the effect of polishing it, leaving it brilliantly clean. With the addition of our max gloss foam polish and buff and rinse systems your vehicle will be polished to a high shine leaving it brilliantly clean.

Is Total Wash environmentally friendly?

YES. We reclaim 90% of our water and all of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Looking after and preserving the environment is one of our main goals. Any waste water, we first remove solids, and then directly dispose into the sanitary sewer system where it is properly treated and processed.

Can vehicles that have a Dura-seal Paint Protection be put through the Total Wash Auto Wash?

We actually encourage you to bring Dura-sealed vehicles through our Auto Wash as this will enhance and further protect your vehicle making it look far cleaner.

Which vehicles can't be washed in the Auto Wash?
  • Vehicles taller than 2.3 metres
  • Vehicles wider than 2.6 metres
  • Vehicles with large ladder racks
  • Trucks/ van with ladders
  • Any Flat bed utes
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed tri-pod style mirrors
Which Vehicles are washed at owner's risk?
Any vehicle with:
  • Pre-existing damage whatsoever including but not limited to:
  • Cracked, chipped, or tinted windows
  • Cracked or faulty bonnets, windscreens, headlight protectors, loose mud-flaps, side skirts or bumpers
  • Oxidised, chipped, blistered, or flaked paintwork
  • Windscreen adhered accessories such as GPS's, mirrors, etc
  • Open windows, sunroofs, any non-factory installed items, or modifications including but not limited to:
    • Roof or bike racks
    • Vehicle graphics
    • Collisions in the wash tunnel caused by your fault or negligence
Will my wheels be clean?

Total Wash Auto Wash uses a high pressure wheel washer system that cleans wheels and shines your tyres. This process removes dirt, brake dust and road grime and brightens the walls of your tyres (alloy wheels are perfectly safe with this system).

Do you take Credit/Debit Cards for payment?

Total Wash Auto Wash accepts Credit Cards or debit cards for a hassle free payment. We do not currently have Eftpos. Total Wash Self Service Jet Wash accepts $1/$2 coins. Self Service Vacuum accepts $2 coins.The Coinless App designed specifically for car washes is coming to Total Wash soon, and payment will be able to be made directly from the app.

Will my car be completely dried?

Total Wash Auto Wash uses powerful dryers, blowers and a contour drying system, involving roof and side drying at the end of the wash cycle. This removes most of the water used in the wash cycle. There will however, always be some amount of water left on the car.

How Often Should I wash my car?

Weekly. Washing once a week will properly clean and maintain the paint and exterior of your vehicle, enhancing its quality and value.

Can I wash my Ute?

Yes, you can wash your Wellside or Canopy Ute in the Auto Wash.
You cannot take your Flat deck ute through the Auto Wash but you can wash it using our Self Service Jet Wash.

Can I safely wash my convertible?

Yes, convertibles can be taken through the Auto Wash. Please make sure that your convertible top has been properly latched in place before you start the wash process.

Can I safely wash my attached bug shield?

A bug shield is an aftermarket accessory made of plastic. We cannot be responsible for this item however, most customers who have bug shields on their vehicles wash their cars with no incident.

If my windscreen is cracked, will it be safe in the carwash?

No, any windscreen damage (even with the smallest of chips and cracks), makes the windscreen more susceptible to quick changes in temperature, while you may wash with a cracked or chipped windscreen, it is at your own risk.

Will my Aerial be harmed in the carwash process?

It is always safer to remove your aerial before entering our carwash, although most vehicles never have a problem. Electric aerials must be retracted.

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